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Gloves – Like your hands are wearing clouds. Super soft and elegant, ouruniqueblack gloves adda dash of glamour to any outfit. Did we mention how soft and smooth they are? Oh, we did?We’re just a little bit in love with the Tencel, the fabric that’s cool to the touch and soft as silk. It’s here to protect your hands through the day AND make you look supersmart while doing so.


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  • Made from Tencel® proven to reduce irritation.
    • Total softness and comfort for your skin
    • No mechanical irritation through fabrics, only the softest seams, no labels etc.
    • No chemical irritation through allergens like disperse dyes, formaldehyde, nickel etc. We can tell you back to front what’s used to get our products where they are now.
    • Soft and smooth fibres and fabrics
    • Good thermoregulation
    • High moisture absorbency
    • Fabrics are washable at 60 °C to remove ointments

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