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A new generation of fashionable skincare clothes. Specially designed for eczema and psoriasis

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Go out and be free, masks bring freedom! And now your skin can also feel this way. We designed a mask to bring some TLC to the skin that seems to need it most. This one is for all the poor cheeks that are not allowed to breathe under the current swell of face masks. Absorbs twice as much moisture as cotton and thus stays cool to the touch.


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Long Sleeve

We agree: If everybody could go outside naked, that would solve SO many things. But this longsleeve, does it very nicely as well. Fitted like a charm, like you’re wearing a soft breeze.

The thumbholes to keep the sleeves nicely over your hands if you want that. But feel free to liberate your wrists if that’s your thing.

Did we already mention the super soft, moisture wicking and natural fibers? Yeah, they really rock this thing. No labels, soft seams.


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Gloves – Like your hands are wearing clouds. Super soft and elegant, ouruniqueblack gloves adda dash of glamour to any outfit. Did we mention how soft and smooth they are? Oh, we did?We’re just a little bit in love with the Tencel, the fabric that’s cool to the touch and soft as silk. It’s here to protect your hands through the day AND make you look supersmart while doing so.


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We love scarfs! Day or night, cold or hot, a scarf brings comfort and can make your outfit truly sing! A loving embrace for any angry skin and a sight for sore eyes. Wrap yourselves in softness with no irritation.


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